You can now buy a domain name from Google – Tech

You can now buy a domain name from Google - Tech

Launched in the US in 2014, the Google Domains service is international. It is now possible to acquire a domain name from the web giant, which offers 225. But some very important top-level domains are missing.
        It's wondering what part of the web still escapes Google! The company, which originally only offered a simple search engine, certainly very refined and devilishly effective, has considerably diversified its activities over the years, so that establish the exhaustive list of services and products that she is proposing today would be a very tedious job.
Realize: the Mountain View company even sells domain names. Admittedly, this is not really a novelty, since the group embarked on this business in 2014. However, this activity was until now limited to the US territory. Four years later, Google Domains, if it is still indicated "in beta", is now available in France.

The company announced Wednesday, February 28, the extension of this program to 14 new countries, located in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. Its domain name registrar (the list of supported extensions is given in the service support) can therefore be used to purchase addresses ending with ".com", ".net or" .org ".
Attention, prices vary greatly depending on what you choose. Count 12 euros per year for a very generic top-level domain, like the ones mentioned above. If you want something more original, the prices can go up quickly: the most expensive price we saw is ".movie". Count 302 euros in the year. And the cheapest? ".pw": it costs 9 euros a year.
No ".fr"
It is possible to purchase top-level domains that are allocated to states, but certain criteria must be met. For the reserved area in Canada, ".ca", it is necessary to prove a "Canadian presence" specifies Google. Some areas are missing, such as extensions attributed to Belgium (".be"), Luxembourg (".lu") to Switzerland (".ch") or France (".fr").
The top-level domain reserved for France.225 top-level domains are currently proposed. It should be noted that Google itself manages certain domains, such as ".google", but their use is reserved. We must remember that the company has completed no less than 101 forms to try to administer domains like ".youtube", ".docs" and even ".lol", because of the liberalization of this sector launched in 2012.
Google says its office has processed more than 1.8 million domain name registrations. For details on this offer, visit the official Google Domains website and consult support.





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