Who wants to win a free version of the YouCam 6 Deluxe software?

Who wants to win a free version of the YouCam 6 Deluxe software?

You will love YouCam 6 Deluxe from Cyberlink. On the one hand because it is a damn interesting software and secondly because we have a crazy desire to offer you a version and Tonton Cyberlink vouches! As soon as you use a webcam, you will not be able to do without this little gem. Explanations:
All our laptops now have built-in webcams and we use them for multiple uses, obviously professional (we communicate thus between different Ubergizmo, US, Germany etc.), but also personal, that we speak of a meeting of work between students, or a call to a lover living a little too far. (And also to make idiots on Snapchat, Facebook and others, will confess who wants!)
Cyberlink offers you to win free software, YouCam 6 Deluxe version. Let's get down to the basics and therefore, the benefits of this app.
Cooler images and videos

Beyond HD video recording (up to 1080p), YouCam 6 offers – among other things – an HDR, panorama, burst mode, one-click photo presetting, retouching, trimming and various effects to download. Frames and tools are in the game to enjoy with Skype & Yahoo! Messenger, and so, entertain your friends via animated emoticons, and even accessories following the face. Winning Combo Go even create your avatar, the functions are multiple and very simple to set up.
It's not all laughing, a little serious is needed

Productivity is obviously at the rendezvous, thanks to a simplified and modern interface, and secondly, through PowerPoint integration during video conversations and complete compatibility with the diaries. Full-screen video recording will be your best ally, such as the use of pause mode or even more modern, the appearance of 3D augmented reality objects. The login is done simply once the face detected by the webcam and to reassure the most security-conscious, the lock screen is automatic when you are away from your computer!

Download Code: UGYCM
Code for 10% discount to upgrade with version 7 of the software: UGREDUC

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