Where is the site of the Ariane 6 launch pad? – Sciences

Where is the site of the Ariane 6 launch pad? - Sciences

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                    The pharaonic project to develop the future Ariane 6 launch pad continues. Everything must be ready for summer 2020.
        Where is the site preparing the future launch pad for the Ariane 6 launcher, whose inaugural flight will take place on July 16, 2020? He is making great progress. And so that the public can realize it, the National Center of space studies (Cnes) publishes from time to time videos allowing to fly over the titanic works which take place at the moment in French Guiana.
In mid-November, a video showed the progress of earthworks and key structures, providing insight into the launch zone, the mobile gantry track and the building. assembly of the launcher. After the release of another video in late December, the space agency has just released another video, the sixth of its kind.

A 170-hectare shooting range
Filmed with a drone, the various sequences show you the assembly site of the launcher, its launch area, that of modular assembly gantry, sails flues, the base of the mobile gantry and other places that we let you discover. Some have already been seen in previous clips put online by the Cnes, which facilitates the monitoring of the evolution of the site.
The launch pad, named ELA 4 (for Ariane Launch Kit n ° 4) covers an area of ​​170 hectares. It is located four kilometers north-west of ELA 3, which is the area assigned to Ariane 5. According to the Cnes, this site allows "launches in all directions from East to North while minimizing the constraints imposed for the safety of populations during the first minutes of flight of the launcher.
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