welcome to Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro (Jack goodbye)

Huawei chose Paris to present its latest babies, the new series was launched in a more than luxurious setting, the brand has clearly put the dishes in the big ones, even a little too much, but it is not the About. Between two glasses of wine or binouzes, it was possible to find the Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Pro and Porsche Design Huawei Mate Rs editions.
All models share a common SoC platform based on HiSilicon Kirin 970, just like the same software. The idea is to compete with the latest Samsung S9 (our test here) the iPhone 8 / X or the Google Pixel 2.
Huawei P20

On the one hand, it remains cheaper than the competition with a tariff of around 680 dollars. This will be the basis of this high-end series, it benefits from an improved OS, a 5.8 "screen, 4GB of RAM and an IP53 standard, which means it is splashproof, but not submersible. It's a smartphone, not a submarine.
Huawei P20 Pro

Here is the star of the evening. Designed to meet the demand of large screens, it displays a slab of 6.1 "," without edges "(11.5% more area compared to the P20). OLED display, significantly larger RGB camera sensor with 3.3X more pixels and a third 3X optical zoom camera. Not bad ! Finally, it has a much larger battery (+ 18% capacity) and 6 GB of RAM, which justifies a much higher price than his little brother, 920 dollars.
Porsche Design Huawei Mate Rs

Do not think, the price is exorbitant, Huawei shambles with this up high high end, simply to demonstrate that they can do it. 1800 euros the beast, it's downright indecent. This luxury edition – let's call a cat a cat – is however not so different from the P20 Pro: it gets integrated wireless charging (with 0.7mm extra thickness), more storage (256GB vs. 128GB), dual SIM and many excellent accessories (best headphones, leather case, VIP card, etc. …). The Mate RS is also IP67 rated and also has 6GB of RAM.

This series evolves compared to the previous one which had a unibody aluminum design with a robust metal frame. In 2018, the P20 series features a double glass design and aluminum frames. This type of design has been popularized (if not introduced) by Samsung with the Galaxy S6 series, it is actually recognized to be very difficult to manufacture.
Huawei removed the 3.5mm audio connector, and although the headphones are USB-C, some will quickly fade. None of the P20 series handsets have achieved MIL-STD 810G certification, however this is used in a military setting, let's not be fussy, they are just smartphones, not tanks.
The screen

At first glance, all three displays have high image quality, but there are significant differences, especially in sharpness (pixel density) and image quality. For the comparison:
P20 Pro (6.1 "): 1080 × 2240, ~ 408 PPI
P20 (5.8 "): 1080 × 2244, ~ 429 PPI
iPhone X (5.8 "): 2436 × 1125, ~ 463 PPI
Galaxy S9 + (6.2 "): 2960 × 1440, ~ 531 PPI
Mate R (6.0 "): 2880 × 1440, ~ 537 PPI
Galaxy S9 (5.8 "): 2960 × 1440, ~ 568 PPI
The cameras: a real madness

The Huawei P20 Series – Leica inside – has one of the most complex and advanced camera systems on the market. It has an impressive combo of three cameras in the back and a 24-megapixel selfie camera in the front. Huawei has opted for a multi-image noise reduction at unprecedented levels and claims to use artificial intelligence (AI) for many other features.
The P20 has a 12-megapixel RGB camera with an AF / 1.8 aperture. The P20 Pro and Mate RS have a 40 megapixel RGB camera at f / 1.8. Excellent, but not as good as the competition.
With what we just described above, the Huawei P20-Series seem ready to face the most dramatic scenes in low light … For proof, Huawei offers an ultra-long exposure of 4 seconds for low-light photos .
Apple introduced a 2X optical zoom with the iPhone 7 Plus, followed soon by Samsung with the Note 8. Huawei surpasses them both by incorporating a 3X optical zoom in the P20 Pro and Mate RS. With this new goal, the firm is able to create a hybrid zoom 5X (optical + digital) and crushes the competition.
Too bad the rear lens comes out of the chassis …

Battery and autonomy

The battery capacity of P20 is 3400 mAh, which is very good for this category and this price. The P20 Pro and Mate RS display no less than 4000 mAh, we are close to excellence, there is little risk of falling and at worst, fast charging will be your ally. This product does NOT have a removable battery, which is not really a problem anymore, mainly because of the programmed obsolescence.
Morality … if we forget the vast and the expenses of this launch party … The P20 series clearly sends heavy. (And the phones are not submarines or tanks). You know everything.

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