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Wavemaster Two Pro

                        Launched at the end of 2017 at a price of 490 €, the Two Pro speaker kit is the most expensive and most powerful proposition of Wavemaster, multimedia speaker specialist. In addition to sound performance considerations, this 2.0 model also capitalizes on its many connection possibilities. Do we finally have the ultimate stereo multimedia kit?

Since the Two BT was released in 2015, there have not been many changes in the design. We find on this Two Pro the sleek design characteristic of the manufacturer, in a larger template (215 x 310 x 260 cm): in terms of size, we are furiously approaching a monitor, such as Shape 50 or HS7 , or some library speakers. The set is far from compact: you will need to plan accordingly in your listening space.

Several cables accompany the Wavemaster Two Pro: a power cable, a speaker cable and two RCA to 3.5mm mini-jack cables.

Regarding the quality of manufacture, there is not much to say. The set looks solid and the unsightly fixing screws near the tweeter are gone. What's more, the Two Pro have a matte finish, much less sensitive to fingerprints. On the other hand, we would have really appreciated that the infrared receiver is more discreet. Small anti-slip pads to be fixed under both speakers are provided. On the other hand, no grille in front is proposed to conceal the speakers (and protect them at the same time).

A small switch on the back of the right speaker allows you to turn on or off the auto sleep feature: smart!

The Two Pro kit uses the same operating principle as the vast majority of the manufacturer's multimedia speakers. The left speaker is the slave, while the right speaker acts as the master. It includes connectivity, amplifier, DSP, light indication, control buttons, etc. The two speakers are connected by a standard speaker cable that attaches with the screw terminals. If the installation of the kit is very simple, it is however less the case of its use. Although the Two Pro kit now benefits from a remote control, which facilitates de facto control of the system remotely, some essential controls and indications are missing.

The unique luminous landmark is perhaps one of the most discrete choices that exists, but it is not the most accurate. It indicates the source chosen by a color, and the taking into account of an action by a simple flashing. We would have liked more complete and / or more numerous indications, especially when the maximum level is reached, whether for the volume or the setting of bass and treble. We must also be satisfied with the blinking for pairing via Bluetooth. In some situations, we can say that we often go blind.

The remote control centralizes all controls: volume control, mute, source selection, EQ for bass and treble, EQ settings reset, Loudness activation and Tone Defeat activation (which allows to listen to the signal without correction of EQ, but without removing its setting for as much).

The remote control provides many buttons (see photo above). However, as mentioned, some basic controls still miss the call, especially with regard to Bluetooth. Only the source can control playback and navigate between tracks in this connection mode, which is a shame.

The right speaker accommodates all the connectors: a 3.5mm mini-jack input, a stereo RCA input and a RCA subwoofer output for the analog wired connection, a USB Type-A port (plug'n-in connection). 'play on PC and Mac), S / PDIF optical input for wired digital connection, and finally Bluetooth (SBC codecs, aptX) for wireless connection. The internal DAC can operate up to 96 kHz / 24 bit via USB and up to 192 kHz / 24 bit via optical. If we can not connect several sources in Bluetooth, this Two Pro kit is particularly generous for a stereo multimedia kit. But – because there is unfortunately a "but" – we found a big problem of distortion in Bluetooth, which prevents the correct use of the latter. We will return to it later in this test, in the box that we devoted to it.

If we put aside the problem of distortion in wireless connection, the sound performance delivered by the kit Two Pro are very correct. We have seen better in terms of regularity in the bass and treble, but we enjoy a nice stereophonic rendering, a nice homogeneity in the midrange and good distortion management, even at high volume. listening.

Given its size, the Two Pro has a rather timid approach to the boundary between the low and the low, from 50 to 150 Hz. This behavior has a significant impact on the sensation of bass depth and the impact they can have. What's more, we would have appreciated here a little more impactful because they have a slight tendency to drag. There is nothing really disturbing with the basic settings, but we start to feel as soon as we try to inflate this area with equalization, which also does not allow a very precise correction. It is also the case for the small peak located towards 180 Hz, which becomes more and more present as one boosts the EQ of the basses (with the listening, it is manifested by a boomy aspect on certain sources and some notes). Note also that given the position of the bass-reflex vent, you will need to pay close attention to where you intend to put your speakers (including near a wall) .The behavior of the speakers in the midrange is more controlled: this area benefits from a homogeneous and natural rendering. While not really sweet, the voices are intelligible in all circumstances, as most sources elsewhere. The good precision shown by the Two Pro on the entire spectrum is part of this impression. The restitution of acute proposed by this kit is quite colorful, with a signature V marked enough. This behavior gives above all importance to the highest frequencies, in the acute extremes. Listening, this is manifested by a shine, a metal side particularly pronounced on some sources (we think including harmonics cymbals, saturated electric guitars, violin …). Again, the EQ made available by the speaker kit does not rebalance this area because it acts in a very broad way: down even just a notch this frequency range gives too quickly a dull aspect to the son.Il is good on the side of the stereophonie. Even if we are not in the presence of a surgical restoration, the sound stage unfolds amply. We can easily discriminate the different strata and the elements that compose it, whether in width or depth. What's more, the ghost images are relatively accurate and the speakers are not too directional: no need to be at the optimal listening position (the famous sweetspot) to enjoy the stereo scene.

Measurement of the harmonic distortion ratio: analog wired connection (purple), optical wired connection (red).

The Two Pro kit has a good power reserve under the hood, so there is no problem to place yourself at a comfortable listening level, even in a fairly large room (living room or dining room). The distortion is rather quiet over the entire audible spectrum, even at a sustained level of listening … well, only for the wired connection.

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