wave of college and CPD renewals

The Hadopi finalizes the renewal of its college and its commission of protection of the rights (CPD), that in charge of the graduated response. In the Official Journal, this morning, two decrees consecrate the arrival of new members within an institution now complete.With the first decree, Véronique Hamayon arrives within the PCD, on the proposal of the first president of the Court of Auditors . This adviser master will have for substitute Pierre Rocca, which was named, a year earlier, president of formation of judgment at the National Court of the right of asylum.
In the college of the Hadopi, again new faces are emerging with this second text. Brigitte Girardin becomes a full member on the proposal of the first President of the Court of Auditors. She was in the past Minister of Overseas under the government Jean-Pierre Raffarin, between 2002 and 2005. On the same list, Jean-Luc Girardi is appointed alternate.
The Senate Speaker opted for Louis de Broissia. This former senator was president of the general council of Côte-d'Or until 2008, member of the ethics committee of the M6 ​​group, former president of the public interest group France Télé Numérique, former ambassador in charge of the external audio-visual … His appointment was announced February 16 in the Senate in a statement where Gerard Larcher greeted "his great knowledge of the audiovisual communication sector and digital."
Alexandra Bensamoun on the CPLSA list
Finally, Alexandra Bensamoun arrives in the institution on the list of the President of the Superior Council of literary and artistic property, with substitute François Moreau.
It benefits from a beautiful conjunction of the stars since it officially integrated the CSPLA January 31, 2018 as qualified personalities, before being cited in a decree of February 1 on "appointment, tenure and assignment" to the Rennes-I University.
Above all, she co-wrote a report in 2017 with Professor Pierre Sirinelli and lawyer Josée-Anne Benazeraf, who has defended SACEM several times. As explained, the thick document was interested in the notion of "communication to the public", to propose various avenues of reform leading notably to submit the hypertext link to the authorization regime of copyright.
In 2015, she was appointed Vice-President of a CSPLA mission on the European Statute for Internet Technical Providers, in order to discuss the articulation of the Copyright Directive and the Trade Directive. electronic.
A final text that is subject to criticism from rights holders in the context of current debates on the famous transfer of value. A reform that the teacher considers legitimate while the technical intermediaries enjoy a "de facto irresponsibility". This is what she says in this video of SACEM, hosted for free on YouTube.

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