Vulture Club: YouTube, to the Oscars? – Pop culture

Vulture Club: YouTube, to the Oscars? - Pop culture

Wishing to be, like Netflix or Amazon, awarded at the grand mass of cinema, the subsidiary of Google will produce in-house feature film "Vulture Club". To better seduce the cinephiles savvy, the venerable Susan Sarandon, eternal figure of Thelma and Louise, will occupy the first role.
        YouTube tackles the 7th art. Like Amazon, Google's video subsidiary announced on Wednesday (March 21st) that it will produce a feature-length film for the darkrooms.
And the project is already announced the most refined, as reported by our fellow Variety. Named Vulture Club, the film will tell the stories of an emergency nurse whose son, a journalist, was kidnapped by a terrorist organization. To appeal to moviegoers, YouTube has cast veteran Susan Sarandon, known and acclaimed by the Hollywood sphere for her various scores in the cult Thelma and Louise or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Edie Falco (The Sopranos) and Matt Bomer (FBI: very special duo) will give him the answer. Headlined by Iranian-American Maryam Keshavarz (In Secret), the feature film is currently in post-production.

Very excited to be part of this. #vultureclub
– Matt Bomer (@MattBomer) March 22, 2018

The Oscar as Holy Grail
The most fussy note, however, that it is not exactly the first immersion of the platform in the cinema. In 2016, the subsidiary Youtube Red had already distributed in the rooms Lazer Team, a small comedy sci-fi without pretension to the reduced budget and the cast of strangers to the battalion. As you will have probably understood, Vulture Club has infinitely more ambitions. These include the one barely hidden from participating in the Oscars race, or even gleaning one or more statuettes.
Indeed, if the work respects its agenda and goes out well in 2018, it will be de facto quite eligible. Fun fact: actress Susan Sarandon has already garnered one of the invaluable awards for her performance in Dead Man Walking in 1995. If Vulture Club has some success during the prestigious ceremony, then the video giant would a smashing entry into the film industry, joining the very select club of new flagship players in the sector, occupied by Amazon and Netflix – themselves just already awarded at the Oscars.





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