Undone: an animated series for Amazon Prime Video by members of the BoJack Horseman team

The French adaptation of the American media has been difficult to finance since its creation almost ten years ago.
In 2015, three million euros was injected. Recently, it was through the support of Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild that the title was saved, via an investment of more than two million euros.
Management was renewed, some of the editorial staff left the ship, but not replaced. She had to manage the various freelancers intervening in the columns of the title.
Already at the time, we had seen sponsored content or "partner" appear on Slate, sometimes without mentioning the sponsor. Today, we learn that this trend will strengthen, with the new version of the site launched tomorrow.
A team dedicated to the production of this content is set up. Chloé Woitier du Figaro tells us that the goal is "to become a high-end content production agency with one objective: to apply the same level of requirement to the content brands created for its customers as to content written by the editorial team" .
A wish many times made by publishers, but which generally marries little with the requests of the customers. Thus, many sites finally offer purely advertising content and often uninteresting on the merits despite such hopes.
Slate also wants to bet on podcasts we learn CB News. Again, the goal is also advertising because this format is mentioned as one of those offered in the form of sponsored content, with writing, graphics or videos.
A Facebook group, a new trend in the media that can not get rid of social networks after the change of strategy of the American giant, is also proposed: Come as you Slate. The goal is to "take the time to publish better, engage a loyal audience on long reading times, give free access to his keen and creative eyes on the world."
The idea of ​​a fee-based subscription media, launched in 2016 via Slate +, seems to be definitely buried.

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