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TL; DR: Falcon Heavy Tech Special Launch Edition

Google accused of discriminating against white men? Which series to watch in March 2018? You will find the answers to these questions in the replay of our live March 2, available at the bottom of the article!
        Our live Friday, March 2, 2018 made us like a little pinch in the heart: at the end of the day, our dear Mathilde went to other horizons, it also evokes during his speech. For such an occasion, it obviously needed a special device. Thus, Nelly, Julien, Corentin thanked Mathilde for these months of fruitful collaboration and for her unalterable kindness. This is an exceptional episode of TL DR that you can discover or rediscover through the magic of the replay, available at the bottom of the article! In the program :
Google is under a lawsuit triggered by one of its former recruiters. The latter accuses the firm of Mountain View to put in place quotas to promote the hiring of people from non-white minorities. According to him, it would be discrimination; for Google, which denies the existence of quotas, it is perfectly normal to promote diversity in the company. One of the spokespersons stated: "We try, without any remorse, to find qualified and diverse groups of candidates. "
Corentin tells you about the programs available on SVoD on Amazon Prime Video for the month of March. One of them particularly pleased us: The Looming Tower, adapted from Laurence Wright's Pullitzer Prize, released in 2007, which highlights the internal conflicts between the CIA and the FBI before 9/11. 2001. These quarrels would have facilitated Al-Qaeda's destructive project due to lack of cooperation in FBI and CIA.
Microsoft has developed an application for the visually impaired to help them navigate the space. Thanks to the binaural technique, which allows to spatialize the sound in 3D, this application is thought to be used in addition to other help devices such as canes or guide dogs.

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