This funeral agency wants to use artificial intelligence to communicate with the deceased


In Sweden, a funeral agency is currently looking for volunteers for a special project: allowing people to communicate with their recently deceased relatives. And it is a project quite serious, and scientific, based on artificial intelligence.
The scientists of the project want to create not robots or androids that would be "fully conscious copies of deceased relatives" as we read here or there in some media but use artificial intelligence in algorithms to relieve the pain of the living .
Fenix ​​plans to use a lot of information about the deceased so that the algorithm – like a chatbot – is able to interact with a loved one living on various topics, like the weather, their hobbies favorites, their preferences in terms of coffee, etc.
In other words, it will not be possible to discuss the news or the latest blockbuster in the cinema but it could be an additional way, in addition to photos and videos, to remember our loved ones. It will still be necessary that this chatbot doped with artificial intelligence do not have terrible emotional implications on loved ones still alive.
For now, the Fenix ​​chatbot can only converse in writing but the funeral agency is looking for volunteers to collect voice samples from their deceased relatives and implement a voice model. This so that the algorithm can have the same voice as the deceased. Fenix ​​also plans, in the future, to add visual support to this bot, to further the experience.

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