The worlds of Ralph 2: the first trailer!

Les Mondes de Ralph

We remember the excellent cartoon Ralph's Worlds, largely underestimated at the time of its release (Frankly, it is much more sympathetic than the Snow Queen, but let's move on). Fortunately, some have still seen the potential of this jewel and a second opus is on the program. Here is the trailer.
"8-bit, Retrogaming, Mario, Pacman, Diablo, Bowser, Zangief … Wreck-It Ralph is an 8-bit video game villain that is not really appreciated. Frustrated, our man hopes to change things. Ralph escapes his pixelated world and jumps into chaos by committing a few blunders. "
A dream kid who is realized a second time, immersion in the world of video games, what more? This time, Ralph is going to make stupid things, to the point of breaking the internet … Houps. Here is the first trailer, we will dive into the web, next Christmas.
According to co-director Rich Moore: "Bringing the characters we love into this huge world of the Internet has given us a lot of possibilities to explore. Our production team has worked very hard to design a world taking something we all believe to know – the Internet – and to make it a totally new and imaginary world. "
ALL CASSEEEEEEEER! Highly, the release of "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2".

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