The OnePlus 6 is revealed a little bit in image

                    The OnePlus 6 is in approach, according to most indices available on the net. Today, it is Evan Blass who offers us a nice photo of the back of the camera.
For a few days now, stocks of the OnePlus 5T seem to be dwindling around the world, and it is not even more available in some countries. A shortage that seems to indicate that his successor is coming very soon. And thanks to the always very knowledgeable Evan Blass of VentureBeat, we already have a small idea of ​​the look of the phone. The phone, which is expected now in the coming weeks or months, is therefore for the first time. And if we find a little air of Oppo R15, his distant cousin, this photo of OnePlus 6 tells us more. First of all, and thankfully, OnePlus did not draw a line on the jack. We find the headphone jack right next to the USB-C connector, on the lower edge of the smartphone.

You've been ** cough cough ** good sports with this, so I guess you do deserve / something /. Just remember: #yousawitherefirst
– Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 27, 2018
 The other visible detail is the shell of the device, which here seems to be made of wood. It is possible that the manufacturer offers several versions of its mobile, some leaks showing a mobile back glass, but what seems certain is that OnePlus will move away from the metal this year, probably to show compatibility with the load wireless, a technology that has taken over colors since Apple adopted it on these iPhone.
The photo that Evan Blass posted on Twitter unfortunately does not show the front of the phone which, according to most recent rumors, should have a notch on the screen. We will certainly know more in the coming weeks, as the release date gets closer.

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