The Nintendo Switch blows its first candle: what to remember for this anniversary? – Pop culture

Nintendo evokes a new way to play the Switch: what can we expect? - Pop culture

Today, Saturday, March 3, 2018, the Nintendo Switch celebrates its one year. The opportunity to return to a first year exceeding all expectations.
        Introduced in October 2016 for a launch a few months later, the Nintendo Switch today blows its first candle. And we can hardly criticize the first twelve months of the hybrid machine, as its success has enough to lie any criticism.
Beating records all over the world, the Switch is erasing memories of the Wii U, a big sister misunderstood and poorly negotiated by Nintendo (and if it was called the Super Wii)? ). Today, all the lights are green for the console, which has recently crossed the bar of a million copies sold in France – a record. To wish him a happy birthday, nothing better than a first assessment full of praise.

The consoleA well designed machine
The Switch unveiled for the first time in a short but effective video. She insisted on her main advantage: the ability to play everywhere. An argument that we find elsewhere in the mouth of many representatives of Nintendo, when it comes to explain its commercial performance.
The fact is that from the moment the marketing message, that of freedom, was over, the Japanese firm had won everything: once again, it proposed something other than Microsoft and Sony and, unlike the Wii U, everything was clear in people's minds. A data that changes everything to sell a well-designed product, despite some obvious flaws (no sound in Bluetooth, limited autonomy, dock not powerful enough, no Netflix …).

ExclusivitiesMany exclusives
The switch also had a huge argument for her launch: the presence of a Zelda in his line-up. What was to be a Wii exclusive U, deprived of his own Zelda de facto, much awaited and less and less hoped has become a stooge more.
The necessary sacrifice paid off, especially since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, crowned time and time again for its excellence, was the only real weight game in the first weeks of the launch. Buying the switch at its output meant, roughly, being a fan of Zelda. The limit was quickly lifted.
Subsequently, Nintendo has tried to release an exclusivity almost every month, even though it was sometimes only a luxury port of a game Wii U. Pell-mix: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in April, ARMS in June, Splatoon 2 in July, Super Mario Odyssey in October, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in December and Bayonetta 1 & 2 in February.

Support of others Quality portages, with mature games
The Switch has also entered the virtuous circle of success, calling others to take an interest in it. The console is supported by third-party publishers, who also respond to Nintendo's demands and mitigates its lack of legitimacy in certain genres. Nintendo claims mature games? Bethesda launches DOOM and Skyrim (meanwhile Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus) and Bandai Namco answers the call with a remix of Dark Souls. And offer, as a bonus, quality ports that optimize the resources of the console.
In doing so, the Switch is not just the console you simply buy to play Mario and Zelda. It also allows you to play headlines available elsewhere, but without the argument of portability. Blessed bread for the catalog of a machine that dreams of a long life cycle.

The huge successAn incredible commercial success
That the Switch is selling, either. But that the Switch sells with such a cruising speed is another story. This is a success for Nintendo, so much so that the console has been paralyzed for a long time in the face of a demand superior to the offer.
This did not prevent Big N from selling Switch 14.86 million, a figure already higher than the installed Wii U fleet (13.56 million). It has commercial performance above the Wii and PS4 in France and broke a record in its first ten months across the Atlantic. For the next fiscal year, Nintendo expects a volume of twenty million units sold.

The nextThe return of Nintendo's know-how
With this newfound confidence, Nintendo can again propose concepts to change the way we play. Nintendo Labo is the perfect example: pieces of cardboard (rather expensive) to assemble and based on the technological jewels contained in the Joy-Con.
The parallel with the balance of the Wii is obvious and we already promise … a cardboard to this fruit of unequaled and unequaled know-how. While lagging on some key points (online multiplayer pay, to name only him), Nintendo remains true to himself: it goes or it breaks. With the Switch, it goes.





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