the next update will bring in particular the 1440p

the next update will bring in particular the 1440p


        Expected arrival in the spring

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        02/03/18 at 10:04


                    Microsoft details the new features and improvements of the upcoming Spring Update that will soon be deployed on Xbox One.

Microsoft has unveiled what improvements will be made by the spring update for its Xbox One consoles in a few weeks. These new features, which are previewed by the "Alpha" members of the Xbox Insider program, include the activation of support for a new display definition: the 1440p. Players, who use their Xbox One S and One X consoles on a QHD-style PC in 2560 x 1440 px, will be able to set the video output in the native definition of their screen. What enjoy a display resolution higher than that offered in Full HD.

Another major contribution of this update: the arrival of new interactive features for Mixer, Microsoft's Twitch competitor. The most innovative of these is the possibility given to a player who broadcasts his part through Mixer to "share" his controller with one of his spectators on the site Spectator who can for example be invited to try to cross a difficult passage of a game, using an Xbox controller connected to his own PC or a virtual controller. This, indeed, should be able to make some streaming sessions more fun. Note that broadcasts with Mixer can now be initiated at any time, including from the Xbox interface, and a game change will no longer cut the broadcast stream, but will simply pause it.

The minor improvements include updating the Edge browser, the ability to independently adjust the sound volume of his game and that of a background music, the arrival of filters in the player invitations for club administrators or even the management of tournaments directly in Game Hubs, which means that it will no longer be compulsory to be a member of a club to be able to initiate or join a competition.





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