The Moleskine Pen + Ellise converts your handwriting into digital


While notebook and tablet PCs have helped note-taking by making it faster and more efficient, some studies suggest that it is more beneficial to do this by hand to improve the learning process. .
If you still make use of this prehistoric object that is a pen, you will surely be interested in the latest innovation Moleskine: the Pen + Ellipse. This pen lined with the brand's Ncode smart paper will be able to "read" your writings and transcribe them in digital form. This will allow to have a digital and physical copy which is not necessarily useless.

This is not the first time that Moleskine has such a device, but it is the first time such a tool allows the storage of data in offline mode. So if you do not have access to wifi, the device will store the item in its memory and sync as soon as the wifi is back.
On the other hand it will still cost you 200 € and since this only works with the Ncode paper of the brand, the bill will quickly climb. But if you want to be tempted by this:

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