The Logitech Craft keyboard now supports Lightroom CC

The Logitech Craft keyboard now supports Lightroom CC

                    Logitech is aware that its Craft keyboard is only interesting if its main feature (ie its wheel) is usable with a maximum of software. A recent update brings new compatibility with Adobe Lightroom.


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Tested by us last October and awarded a rating of 4 stars, the Logitech Craft is a high-end office keyboard that is aimed at creative with its context-sensitive wheel integrated in its upper left corner. In our conclusion, however, we regret that the inevitable Adobe Lightroom photo editing software is not supported by the Craft. Well, know that it is now the case. Indeed, the Swiss equipment manufacturer has announced some new features for this keyboard and support for Lightroom Classic CC is on the program. This integration allows to manage 11 editing tools of the software with the famous wheel, including contrast, saturation, hue or shadows of photos. Tap on the wheel to switch from one tool to another, and the settings are made by turning it: what turns out to be more pleasant and practical than moving a cursor with his mouse. This is not the only new integration proposed by Logitech for Craft for this update. Other Mac and / or PC software is involved, such as Adobe Reader DC, VLC, Preview, QuickTime, Safari and Spotify. Depending on the situation, the wheel can be used to scroll a page, zoom in a document, change song or fast forward.Not finally that on this occasion, Logitech provides software developers a free SDK for his keyboard, inviting them to use these tools to add Craft support to their applications. This SDK and its documentation are available here. Hoping that many of them are interested in it, which could increase the interest in this product.

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