the digital, cornerstone of the future law against false news

In the columns of Figaro, the Minister of Culture gave new details on the law "Fake News" (or against false news). Confirms the idea that the text will be cut to attack online broadcasts, the main concern of the executive.The future law against false news is clarified. François Nyssen told our colleagues, the text will not affect the 1881 law on the freedom of the press, which embeds for a long time a crime of false information. "On the other hand, the future law on trust and reliability of information will tackle the spread of false news by digital platforms, new channels of dissemination," she adds.
Another thing, the text will overflow only the electoral periods, contrary to what could be said at first of the presidential mouth. The tenant of the Elysee had indeed promised a text of law, soon filed, intended to update the rules applicable "during election period".
A text that will apply even outside election periods

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