TF1 cuts the broadcast of its channels on LiveBox!

Free will stop broadcasting the TF1 group channels on the Freebox on April 1, 2018

After weeks of threats and heated negotiations, TF1 has finally put its threats into effect: the private channel has just begun cutting its channels on all Livebox Orange. Without being able to find a financial agreement, TF1 has decided to deprive subscribers of an Orange box of its free channels and its enriched services, such as replay.
On January 31, 2018, the broadcasting contract that linked Orange to TF1 came to an end. To renew this agreement, and allow Orange to broadcast its free channels, TF1 claims 25 million euros annually to the incumbent. Orange refuses to pay this sum, which he considers far-fetched compared to the services offered by TF1. In response, TF1 has cut the replay on all Orange Liveboxes.
In the absence of agreement, TF1 had promised to go even further and cut the signal of its free channels. As reported by several users on Twitter, the operation is currently in progress. If you are a Livebox subscriber and you no longer have access to TF1 channels, there is still a solution to help you out. To continue enjoying the TF1 channels on your Orange LiveBox, simply go through the TNT.
Orange is not the only company in conflict with TF1. On March 1, 2018, Canal + spontaneously decided to cut the channels of TF1, to avoid falling the trap set by the group. Same story on the side of Free, he has already announced his intention to cut off access to TF1 channels from 1 April 2018. For now, there is no indication that TF1 will manage to find a agreement with Orange, Free or Canal +.

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