Test The Sims 4 In the jungle: on the road to adventure! – Pop culture

Test The Sims 4 In the jungle: on the road to adventure! - Pop culture

After the Dogs and Cats extension and the Laundry Day kit, the Sims seem to get tired of washing their dirty laundry and cleaning the litter. This time, they want adventure and excitement: here they are on the road to the jungle, with some good ideas taken from the Sims 3.
        If you're tired of taking care of your fleabags and having to spend your time doing laundry in The Sims 4, it's time to pack your bundle and leave for the distant Selvadorada. With the In the Jungle game pack, our virtual friends can play explorers and get into archeology, or just have a good time away from the city. Change of scenery assured.
Selvadorada is a holiday district, like Granite Falls for Destination Nature, the first game pack released for The Sims 4. You can go on vacation for several days, but you have to rent one of the available villas, which can be a big budget for a large and modest family.
This place is very different from all that we have known before in the fourth episode of the license: the vegetation, lush and wild, flourishes around waterfalls and mysterious ruins. Just for the pleasure of the eyes, it is nice to wander the camera in these great spaces that make us a little forget the first narrow quarters of the Sims 4.

Whether it is the architecture of Selvadorada or even the furniture and clothing of the natives, the style is decidedly exotic. South American and Latin inspired motifs and traditional materials are therefore welcome and lend a very different tone to the houses in the area. And even if one just comes as a tourist, one can perfect one's knowledge of local culture by talking with neighbors or eating new spicy dishes. Nevertheless, what we quickly notice in the neighborhood is that many destinations are inaccessible and require first of all exploration.
Back to the past
The Sims 4 In the jungle is clearly inspired by Destination Adventure, the very first expansion of the Sims 3, which proposed three dream destinations to solve different quests and strange puzzles: France, Egypt and China.
By playing the map of the jungle and pseudo-Mesoamerican temples, this pack remains original while recycling mechanics already known. Exploration thus always begins at the edge of the jungle, where we must clear various passages blocked by brambles. If exploring the jungle allows you to discover beautiful landscapes, from the suspension bridge to the promontory and the abandoned aircraft carcass, it's a pity not to have more interactive elements involved in the exploration.

The narrative aspect is indeed reduced to dialogue boxes, a little like the Sims Medieval: as soon as you cross a door to another area, a dilemma is proposed. Depending on the skills and equipment (bought at the market) of our Sim and our luck, the effects are obviously different. This first facet of exploration, distracting at first, is quickly proving rather repetitive, especially since the passages change and are reset with each new trip to Selvadorada: certainly, it allows to renew the experience, but There is finally too little to see in the jungle in itself to really get interested.
Simdiana Jones
The real interest lies in the temple, an ancient structure filled with riddles that recalls the quest of Destination Adventure. The structure is a little closer to point'n click and requires more observation to progress, disarm traps and especially avoid dying. But it is also and especially the opportunity to discover treasures to analyze thanks to the new skill of archeology, or to meet skeletons far from being totally dead. Like the jungle, the temple is subject to a strange magic and will be different at each visit.

More interesting than Destination Nature thanks to a more detailed gameplay, but certainly less complete than Destination adventure (and for good reason, it is simply a game pack), The Sims 4 In the jungle is intended primarily for players who like to tell stories and have a taste for the unexpected, and who especially want to spend time away from home. Coherent and interesting, this downloadable content can break the routine from time to time and reserve some fun surprises.
                    Indicative rating: 4/5
                        For all Sims who are fed up with everyday life, forget about Destination Nature's camping and discover Selvadorada with In the Jungle! This game pack introduces interesting mechanics, certainly sometimes under-exploited, but which have the merit of proposing different and refreshing experiences. The new district, frankly successful, seduces thanks to its resolutely exotic atmosphere, just like the new furniture and the new outfits. Add to that two new skills, including archeology quite nice, and new collections, and there is something to occupy players passionate about exploration. The others will especially see the opportunity to get out of the routine.
                        Temple exploration
                                                                The new district very pretty
                                                                Original and stylish furniture
                        Sometimes more contemplative than interactive
                                                                The jungle a bit disappointing




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