Stonehenge, Easter Island and expedited transportation

In recent days, the small screen showcased scientific discoveries about Stonehenge designers and sculptures from Easter Island. She tried to demystify delivery and fast moving services, while marveling at the technique of military aircraft. Each week, we offer a manual selection of what should not be missed in your TV programs. Guarantee without sponsoring and other tracking of your habits, allowing you to know what is interesting to watch in replay this weekend (especially if it's not sunny and your ATV falls to the water).
We use only our little arms and possibly your suggestions. If you spot a program that you think deserves to appear in our selection, you have two options:
Note that the selection is currently limited to replays of TV programs, but may extend to other media. We have some ideas for the moment and will probably do some testing in the coming weeks. But do not hesitate to offer us your ideas, this chronic evolving for you and with you, in the open air;)
Pet Robots, Oliver Stone and Military AircraftThis week, Xenius is looking at pet robots, which focus part of the robotics research, to help us in everyday life. The show reviews several projects, more or less advanced, in Japan and France, to illustrate the different forms that this presence could take, from the dog to the android. The episode is online until May 29th.
For its part, BiTS d'Arte dedicates its last batch to the filmmaker Oliver Stone. The team discusses with him his career, and the political criticism of his films. For those who prefer animals, the channel offers a documentary about the salamander and moose, considered as masters of regeneration. The video is viewable until March 9th.
RMC Découverte has released a large documentary on the A400M, the "Advanced Airbus Military", available until March 8. For fans of Dassault, Rafale, secret defense plane is also online, this time until March 3rd.
For a taste of adventure, it is possible to follow in the footsteps of the Empire of Angkor, in a first episode "on the royal road to Angkor" (until tomorrow at France O). For its part, Arte has posted the beginning of his series "Australia: the adventure of the first men", focused on the great nomads (until March 7).
New discoveries on Stonehenge (until March 3)
A documentary by Arte (as often) highlights new discoveries about the ruins of Stonehenge, whose reasons for building have long been a mystery. The show focuses, among other things, on the bones of 63 people, before 2000 before Christ. First discovered in 1919, they had not delivered all their secrets.
Archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson is working on these precious objects. Houses and other bones, a few kilometers from the site, give some clues about the society of the time. Through interviews and the analysis of buried elements, the program details in a very educational way these finds.
Easter Island (until March 6)
Like Stonehenge, Easter Island is one of the horse chestnut science shows on television. This time, Science Large Format is interested in the Rapa Nui civilization, the origin of the sculptures that made the place famous. The show aims to reveal the identity of these inhabitants, who had to sail for thousands of kilometers to settle on this isolated land in the south-east of the Pacific Ocean.
The team is also studying the construction and displacement of the Moai, large sculptures scattered on the island, which required great ingenuity, especially for their implementation.
Bottoms of deliveries and fast transports
On France 2, All in all wanted to lift the veil on the consequences of the promises of online merchants and geolocation services, supposed to save us time on a daily basis. On the one hand, the team looks at the pressure of bicycle lunch deliverers, and follows a UPS delivery man in his day to day, with his good and bad sides. The disadvantages of the system are numerous, especially for customers unhappy with their delivery, as shown in the report.
On the other hand, the program analyzes Waze, the free "community" GPS navigation application. It mainly raises questions about free work and private life. It is based in particular on the Exodus Privacy tracking tool (which we have followed the genesis), which automates the analysis of Android applications.

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