Spotify is seriously attacking hackers

Spotify is seriously attacking hackers

                    If so far, Spotify had been rather permissive against users using unofficial versions of its application to enjoy benefits reserved for premium members without paying, the world leader in music streaming changes its attitude and goes to the attack.

Spotify is currently fighting against users of its free version who are using modified versions of its application. These allow you to escape certain restrictions and enjoy an experience approaching that accessible to Premium members who pay them a subscription. As our colleagues from the TorrentFreak site say, warning messages have been sent in this direction in recent days, informing offenders that "abnormal activity has been detected on their application", as a result of which their user accounts are all simply suspended.

88 of the 159 million Spotify users around the world (December 2017 figures) use the service for free. A free version that regularly broadcasts advertising spots, prevents you from listening to certain songs and imposes random playback; enough to encourage passage to the paid version of the service. Until now, Spotify had very little communication on the hacking of Premium access. It is impossible to know how many users use it. But the phenomenon is obviously widespread enough now that Spotify muscle its game in this area, which his next IPO should not be unrelated.

Because yes, there are on the Internet modified versions of the Spotify application which, by identifying with a free account, then using pirate installation files, allow to enjoy Spotify for free without restrictions. Of course, Spotify hopes not to lose the smart guys who took advantage of a free version with the possibilities extended by this way, the idea being there also to encourage them to opt for a legal solution: the subscription of a Spotify Premium access. In its message, Spotify specifies that to enjoy the service again, simply uninstall unauthorized applications and connect with an official Spotify application.

It is only in case of repeated use of unofficial applications that Spotify reserves the right to permanently delete a user account. Of course, we imagine that most people who use these techniques do not use their real account, attached to their real e-mail address. In any case, Spotify is also seeking to remove unofficial versions of its application, such as Spotify Dogfood, the main software download platforms.

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