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This Wednesday morning, the Lille series festival has finally unveiled its cards. Will more programming than Cannes be enough to take the road to the North?
        On March 13, Canneséries was taking the lead on the media agenda and styled Mania Series by unveiling its program. This Wednesday, March 28, it is finally the turn of the Lille festival to reveal the heart of its device: its exclusivities and its competition.
The week had started badly for the North Festival. In the quarrel with the Canneseries, Lille was again attacked by Fleur Pellerin. The former Rue de Valois has kindly forgotten to mention that Lille won the tender for the organization of the festival and called its Cannes event "first series festival" in the talk show On n is not lying. Once again, Lille suffered a stab from the South on the media scene.
From HBO to opening
The affront was not to last: after some vexed tweets, the Lille festival has taken over his communication. This Wednesday, the region and Lille town hall were waiting for journalists to present the long-awaited programming.
The exercise was scrutinized closely. Indeed, this program must meet two challenges: first, Canneseries, despite its status as a second knife, managed to get the attention of Canal +. Then, the last Parisian edition of Mania Series is considered one of the most successful. It was therefore necessary to give a fatal blow to the Southern contenders while displaying a string of names as prestigious as last year, when the festival hosted Damon Lindelof or Aziz Ansari.
Succession, HBO / Photo: Brian CoxBoosted by the participation of OCS, and thus HBO, the Lille festival offers an opening of a brilliance superior to the season 3 of Versailles, soap in costumes of Canal which will open Canneseries.
Without reaching the showdown that was the world premiere of Leftovers' third season with the cast and Lindelof in 2017, Séries Mania is getting its hands on the premiere of Succession, the new HBO franchise. Series of Jesse Armstrong (The Thick of It), co-created with Will Ferell and Adam McKay, Succession must establish itself as a new family drama daring and sarcastic on the cable channel. It will be released next June.
Westworld / HBWhile, for Westworld and The Handmaid's Tale, two flagships, one from HBO and the other from Hulu, Series Mania will be content with a far from exclusive broadcast. Note that it is still more than Canneseries, not rich in American series.
Nice European selection, few Americans excluded
This year, Mania Series does not get as much favors from Amazon as in the last edition where the festival had acquired exclusivity on I Love Dick. At a best of USA the Lille programming will broadcast Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, released last year. There are other headlines in this US selection, but no exclusivity: 9-1-1, aired on Fox, Barry, recently launched by HBO (OCS), Starz Counterpart (OCS), HBO's Here And Now, Showtime's The Chi, ABC's Good Doctor and Hulu's The Looming Tower. A series of pretty names that all seriesphiles already know. Only American exclusivity: American Woman of Paramount Network.
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel / Amazon To find firsts that will salivate the seriesphile – and possibly make him take the train to Lille – we must look at the European program with the expected ad Vitam d'Arte, SF polar signed by the prodigious Thomas Cailley (The Fighters), or Il Miracolo of the Italian Sky,

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