Rowenta RO6963EA X-trem Power Cyclonic: Complete Test – Vacuum Cleaner

Rowenta RO6963EA X-trem Power Cyclonic

                        According to Rowenta, the RO6963EA X-trem Power Cyclonic would have "passed all the tests of the European energy label, obtaining the best possible results: only A". A new first in the class?

    The X-trem Power Cyclonic is one of the flagship series of Rowenta bagless vacuum cleaners. Launched at € 220, the RO6963EA is positioned in the mid-range. This bagless vacuum cleaner has two levels of filtration and offers a simple cyclonic filtration system rather than a multicyclonic block. It comes with a standard double position brush (hard floors and carpet), as well as a mini Turbo Brush (for seats and car mats), a small nozzle (for curtains, sofas and car seats), a nozzle soft (for hard corners) and a furniture brush.

The accessories of the Rowenta RO6963EA X-trem Power Cyclonic.

Rowenta vacuum cleaners are relentless in their design. If it looks massive and imposing, the RO6963EA is rather light: 5.2 kg on the scale. This criterion may be important for people who have difficulty lifting or dragging loads. In addition, like most models of the manufacturer, this product has a large handle that can be worn easily.

This Rowenta greatly plays the card of compactness.

The configuration of this unit is similar to that of another brand vacuum cleaner: two wide wheels with a rubberized coating and a small front wheel rotating 360 °. After having slalomed many times in our laboratory – and around its surrounding bazaar – our verdict is irrevocable: the X-trem Power Cyclonic knows perfectly how to manage turns. If the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is a model of agility, our vacuum cleaner test does not demerit and is perfectly manageable.It is a constant on Rowenta vacuum cleaners, the qualities of finishes are at the rendezvous, whatever the product positioning. All parts fit easily and have no play. Again, on this device, we find a secure telescopic tube / handle and telescopic tube / brush. It's pretty good. As for the hose, it is fixed in one direction only. This system is very well thought out, because it guarantees a good attachment and prevents possible dust leakage.

The small brush, dear to Rowenta, officiates again on this model.

As usual, the handle "Ergo Comfort" is a model of ergonomics. As promised, she is practical and comfortable. It carries a mechanical drive (without battery, therefore) which, let us specify, does not manage the start or stop of the vacuum cleaner. To act on the drive, the user must slide it directly with the thumb. The brush, faithful to the post, officiates at the end of the handle. Remember that it is used to clean the curtains, cushions, sofas. To access it, simply slide.

The mechanical drive of the RO6963EA.

The disassembly of the device is carried out without any trouble, as it was already the case on the Silence Force Cyclonic 4A RO7681EA. Same thing for the restoration of the rooms that fit perfectly in their home. The filter (not HEPA), housed behind the collector, is easily accessible and does not force the user to place his vacuum cleaner upright. A clip allows to extract it easily. The collector displays a very comfortable capacity of 2.5 liters. It is surmounted by an intermediate filtration system able to collect the fine dust. On the Ergo Force Cyclonic RO6723 (PA), the collector is a little hard to remove and the monocyclonic filter block is easy to remove but is not easy to replace. On this RO6963EA X-trem Power Cyclonic, everything fits perfectly, without play, which makes the general use very pleasant.

The collector is easily extracted by pulling the big handle towards you.

It should be noted that the X-trem Power Cyclonic can be installed in "parking" position for easy storage.

As is often the case with bagless vacuum cleaners – LG Kompressor aside – draining the collector can be tedious. Indeed, dust tends to rise; It is therefore necessary to think of stalling the bin in the bottom of the trash.Rowenta advises to change the filtration kit once a year. It includes a foam filter located before the engine and a filter positioned just before the air outlet to capture the finest dust particles emitted by the engine. The manufacturer recommends washing with water the black foam filter every 6 months, as well as the silver filter microfiber. The main filter, in the form of a cassette, is cleaned by tapping from time to time on it, before replacing it every year.

The cocoa has spread completely inside the collector.

On the perilous test of the inverted cocoa cup, the X-trem Power Cyclonic is doing just right. The foam filter has undergone some tasks but it is especially inside the collector that the cocoa has dispersed on all the walls. In addition, it is also nestled in the corners, which inevitably complicates the cleaning of the collector. To empty it, the user must also catch the hoop, itself covered with fine dust. The main filter has for its part suffered no damage by cocoa, which would have been prohibitive.

On hard floors and thick carpets, the X-trem Power Cyclonic has dusting efficiency close to perfection, especially since we never had to push the variator to the maximum. Rowenta succeeds in offering a very good suction power while ensuring a real comfort of use. On hard floor and fine carpet, the vacuum cleaner has collected almost all the materials in less than 30 s using the classic brush (in hard ground mode): 99% in both cases. On thick carpet (the most difficult surface), it's another pair of sleeves. During the various passes made by the brush on the thick carpet, the scattered rice grains were moved by the brush and the suction power, undermining the suction performance on this surface. X-trem Power Cyclonic collected less than 30% of the material in 30 s, 70% in 1 min, 80% in 1 min 30 and finally all in 2 min. On this test, the Rowenta Silence Force Extreme Cyclonic fared better (100% in 1 min). A word on consumption: the energy label imposes a limitation to 1600 W. Whether empty or full , this vacuum cleaner does not exceed 922 W.

Vow of silence held on this device: we measured a noise level of 63 dB on carpet and carpet, 70 dB on hard ground and finally 74 dB with the Turbo Brush. In this, it remains one of the quietest bagless vacuum cleaners in our comparison. And it is an undeniable asset.

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