PlayStation Plus: What are the 6 games offered in March 2018? – Pop culture

PlayStation Plus: What are the 6 games offered in March 2018? - Pop culture

Sony has unveiled the games that will be free in March for PlayStation Plus members. The company has also announced a change in this offer from 2019 and it will probably not pleased the players.
        Sony has decided to give heavy weight to its PlayStation Plus subscribers in March. And it may be to better pass the pill another official announcement at the same time: from March 2019, the manufacturer will no longer offer PlayStation 3 and PS Vita premium members. No compensation seems planned for the moment.
As of March 6th, customers will be able to download Bloodborne (PS4), Ratchet & Clank (PS4), Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS3), Mighty No. 9 (PS4 & PS3), Claire: Extended Cud (PS4 & PS Vita) ) and Bombing Busters (PS4 & PS Vita).

Heavy, very heavy
With Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank, we have perhaps the best selection of titles since Sony launched this offer. This is indeed two big exclusives PlayStation 4 cut to make the console shine.
On the one hand, we have From Software's action-RPG acting as the spiritual son of the Dark Souls saga with more offensive gameplay and real gems. On the other, the reboot of a franchise attached to the PlayStation brand, taking the form of a very colorful and beautiful action game with the HDR. In short, enough to spend hours on his PlayStation 4.
Note that it is still possible to recover the offer of the month of February, consisting of Knack (PS4), RiME (PS4), Starblood Arena (PS VR), Spelunker HD (PS3), Mugen Souls Z (PS3), Exiles End (PS Vita) and Grand Kingdom (PS Vita). But it should not be too late.




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