Personal data leak at L'Express, a good case study for the RGPD

The Express leaked a base of 700,000 subscribers. If the company finally recognized and minimized the breach, ensuring extinguish the fire, the episode is a nice case for the general regulation on data protection, applied May 25th.Hier, our colleagues ZDNet have revealed, under the pen of Zack Whittaker and Rayna Stamboliyska, an impressive data leak hitting L'Express (see our Brief of the day).
For weeks, the title has left a database of its readers online, without the shadow of a password. She was unearthed by an American, a certain Dimov. Heavy 60GB, it contained the personal information of nearly 700,000 readers (name, surname, mail, profile photo, profession, etc., but neither password nor bank details) and other data on the magazine.
The famous test server

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