Overwatch: The 27th Hero is called Brigitte – Pop culture

Overwatch: The 27th Hero is called Brigitte - Pop culture

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                    Blizzard Entertainment unveiled the new Hero that will be available soon in Overwatch. This is Brigitte, daughter of Torbjörn Lindholm.
        A few days ago, Blizzard Entertainment began teasing the 27th Overwatch Hero. While the first clue suggested that it could be a character named Emre Sarioglu, the reality is ultimately different. The new boy and a little girl named Brigitte and is the daughter of Torbjörn Lindholm. For the American giant, this is an opportunity to kill two birds: strengthen the cast, but also the lore of his game by linking two protagonists by the blood. She is also very close to Reinhardt, by his status of rider.

Still support
A heroine with a support role, Brigitte specializes in armor. With its repair module, it can heal an ally and get a boost on its own protection if the teammate in question does not need life. It also has a screen shield absorbing a limited amount of damage. Always support side, it can launch a rally allowing him to move faster and improve the armor of close allies.
Offensively speaking, Brigitte is not left with her scourge offering the possibility of hitting several enemies or being launched to hit an opponent at a distance. She can also charge with her shield.
Note that the previous introduced Hero, namely the geneticist Moira affiliated with the Claw (the bad guys), was already type support. As for others, Brigitte is first available on the public test server (only available on PC) before being for all other players on different platforms.



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