Orange could cut the signal and Free warns its subscribers

Orange could cut the signal and Free warns its subscribers

                    We thought Orange and TF1 close to an agreement, but we could finally witness a new escalation in the standoff between the operator and the media group. When on the side of Free, we are already testing a warning banner concerning the shutdown of TF1 streams …

Yesterday, Free applauded the decision taken by the Canal + group to cut the broadcast of TF1 channels, lack of agreement found in the renegotiation of their broadcast rights. A way to put pressure on TF1 who wants to impose on its partners new broadcasting contracts much more expensive than in the past in exchange for "Premium" streams and services. As a result, the hearings recorded by TF1 last weekend were among the worst of the season, for its JT in particular, but also for its flagship program The Voice.

In this context, and while the contract linking Free to TF1 will expire on March 31, Free said he was seriously considering doing the same, while his discussions with the group of the first channel are apparently at a standstill . Proof is the warning banner broadcast yesterday for a few hours on the TV service of a number of its subscribers. The message in question could not be clearer: "For several months, we have been negotiating with the TF1 group which, after fifteen years of distribution on our networks, decided to demand unfounded remuneration for channels available free of charge in TNT and on the Internet.The requested remuneration being incompatible with our will to maintain our tariff, we are forced to interrupt the diffusion of TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Series Film, HD1 and LCI We hope to remedy this situation quickly. " In its content, this message did not seem to be intended to announce the upcoming break, but rather to explain it to subscribers once it is effective. We can therefore think that the diffusion of this message was a test, which explains why it was not generalized to all Free subscribers.
Stéphane Richard does not want to pay for content that is accessible for free
As for Orange, remember that the catch-up service of MyTF1 is no longer available on Livebox, but that the channels of the TF1 group are still broadcast live. The situation seemed more peaceful and Gilles Pélisson, boss of the TF1 group, recently explained that he was hopeful that a satisfactory agreement "for all parties" and "the service of viewers" will be quickly found. It was not to mention a new turnaround situation, the CEO of Orange – Stéphane Richard – bandaging the muscles again and explaining that his patience had reached its limits. If he says "not wanting to deprive its subscribers of TF1", he says he is now resolved to cut the broadcast of the group's channels, recalling that Orange is "opposed to the principle of remuneration to distribute free content", in an interview granted to Figaro.

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