New MEPs to relay Internet users' questions to the government

One month after the launch of their "Citizens' Questions", Paula Forteza and Mathieu Orphelin announced yesterday that a dozen deputies would join them and relay the written questions of Internet users. Parliamentarians are even thinking of extending the system to oral questions. This is a "tool" that is not widely known by the general public. Yet each member has the right to question in writing all members of the government, on subjects of his choice, up to a limit of 52 "missives" per year.
Some use it to ask for explanations on a fact of news (for example when a member of Wikimedia France had been heard by the DCRI for the emergency deletion of a Wikipedia page). Others try to get information on specific cases – number of Hadopi convictions, details on the assignment of "25%" of private copying …
For many, it is a question of taking a stand in favor of a particular cause: to denounce the malaise of ponies used in carnivals, to support communes that still use voting machines, etc.
A platform to relay citizens' questions

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