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The state of Washington has decided not to follow the new regulatory framework of the telecom regulator, which abandons the neutrality of the net. A law was passed to impose this principle on this territory. But it could however be declared illegal.
        If net neutrality can not be guaranteed at the federal level, then it will be defended at the local level. This is, in summary, the position taken by a growing number of US governors, a few months after the decision of the telecommunications regulator, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), to end it in a vote in December.
After executive orders signed by the chief executives in Montana and New York, who each made provisions requiring operators with state-owned contracts to respect the principles of net neutrality, but whose effects are not necessarily immediate (the order signed in Montana must be applied from July 1), it is Washington's turn to go on the track.
Some members of the FCC.Credit: FCCA law in the state of Washington
The Hill site reports that the governor of the state, Democrat Jay Inslee, on Monday, March 5, signed a law prohibiting Internet service providers from blocking or impeding online content or charge sites for higher access speeds. According to the US site, Washington has become the first federated state to pass such legislation.
CC MartinelleThis is indeed a first in that the governors of Montana and New York have taken executive orders, basically decrees, which are an emanation of the executive power. But with the law that was approved earlier this week in Washington, it's a piece of legislation. That being said, even this text is not certain to be able to hold in the long run.
Indeed, the Federal Communications Commission has taken care to include in its anti-neutrality measures a provision which prohibits States from making their own rules in this area. In principle, Montana, New York and Washington could have their legal initiative challenged in court. However, the FCC vote is also targeted by a number of overseas appeals.




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