Nest products bear the brunt of competition between Amazon and Google – Tech

Nest products bear the brunt of competition between Amazon and Google - Tech

The open hostilities between Amazon and Google, especially in the voice assistant market, will have consequences for Nest. The products of the brand will no longer be sold by the e-commerce site, once stocks are exhausted.
        In September 2017, Google publicly opened hostilities with Amazon by blocking access to YouTube on the Echo Show, Amazon's personal touch screen wizard. In full competition in the market for voice assistants, the two companies have since engaged in a real "squabble" of services on their respective devices: in December, the giant e-commerce has responded, stopping the sale of several products of Nest – a subsidiary of Google.
Amazon's boycott was about the Nest E thermostat, the Cam IQ, and the alarm system created by the startup. All three products had disappeared from the leading e-commerce site.
The conflict does not seem to be calming down. Indeed, Amazon does not intend to sell new Nest brand products when its inventory will be exhausted.
NestQuid of third-party sellers?
After several weeks, the site finally informed Nest that the directive came from the company's highest strata – probably from Jeff Bezos himself, although Amazon did not confirm the information.
For its part, Nest stops restocking Amazon. For now, it's unclear whether third-party sellers will continue to sell Nest products on the site. At present, some of the brand's products are still available to Amazon Prime customers.
Amazon is also preparing to acquire Ring, a maker of connected bells and surveillance cameras. By removing Nest products from its site, the company may also be trying to limit its brand competition in the home security market.

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