Musician Moby claims to have helped invent the iPhone


To invent something, anything, it usually takes a certain source of inspiration. A book, a movie, a word, nature, whatever. Would the musician Moby have helped to develop the first iPhone of the name?
In any case, this is what the artist seems to believe. When asked by The Guardian, Moby said he helped design it. It all started with the launch of iTunes, Moby reportedly told an Apple executive that the company needed a proprietary MP3 player. If the idea did not seem, initially, not pleasing, a few years later, Moby received as a gift the iPod, a gift that Steve Jobs wanted him to receive.
Moby would have said, "'Do you know that someday things will have a built-in camera and phone?' And they made fun of me, saying that it would never happen." Whether this story is true or not, no do not know, but even Moby admits he's always "hesitant to talk about it because it sounds like nonsense or self-censorship."
No doubt in any case that the iPhone was inspired by many external factors …

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