Kali Linux arrives on the Microsoft Store!

windows 10 kali linux

Windows 10 gets Kali Linux which appears on the Microsoft Application Store. An unreal situation some time ago as the philosophies of the two operating systems are opposed and yet the OS at the window welcomes a new distribution from the world of the little penguin. We had previously been able to discover the shattering Ubuntu entry also available on the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 continues to improve with a lot of novelties appearing over time. The next Spring Creators Update is just one of many. We're waiting to discover a lot of new features like the timeline that will make life easier for all users, as well as improvements to Cortana and an ultimate performance mode. This is only the visible surface of the iceberg and for some time, Microsoft has been offering hackers and budding developers access to a command-line interface through Ubuntu. The latter is now joined by another distribution, Kali Linux.
Windows 10 now hosts Kali Linux on the Microsoft Store
As Betanews reports, the Linux distribution is now accessible to all via a simple download on the Windows 10 store just like Ubuntu and SUSE. "As with other Linux distributions, you can now download Kali Linux from the Windows Store. If this is your first time using WSL, be sure to enable the optional Windows feature before you get the Kali Linux application by following our installation instructions, "says Tara Raj Program, Microsoft Manager. This Linux distribution focuses primarily on security testing and attempts to penetrate a network. To recover Kali, it happens directly on the store. It is clear that this new initiative will probably not be the last. Microsoft seems particularly inclined to have other versions of the little penguin available through its operating system. What do you think ? Tell us everything in the comments.

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