Groot and Baby Groot are not the same character!

Les Gardiens de la Galaxie Groot

This is a news that is enough to shake many fans of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe and The Guardians of the Galaxy in particular. James Gunn has just revealed that Groot is indeed dead. Groot and Baby Groot are not the same character!
James Gunn, the director of the film, is usually rather reserved, especially on Twitter. Recently, he was discussing with Mark Hamill about a possible role of the latter in the third installment. A fan was wondering about the character of Groot, wishing, not without humor, whether it was better to save a Baby Groot or a Porg.
James Gunn's answer? Groot died at the end of the first album, Baby Groot is his son! Needless to say, the fans were surprised! That said, this revelation is not very surprising since the director had already announced that Groot and Baby Groot were two different characters and they shared no memory …

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