Google Shopping: competitors (re) alert the European Commission

In a letter, 19 competitors are worried about Google's proposed solution to the European Commission, to restore competition on price comparison via the search engine, reports Reuters.
In June, the Brussels Competition Authority, via Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, imposed a record fine of € 2.42 billion on Google. He is accused of having smothered competing price comparators by highlighting his Shopping service in the results of his search engine.
In September, the US group opened the slots above the natural auction results, to calm Brussels' wrath. At the end of 2017, the French competitor Kelkoo (also owner of LeGuide) told us that Google still retained 99% of the visibility through this, the other comparators still struggling to win back the resellers lost in recent years.
The letter sent to Brussels is no more reassured. "Google's current cure proposal is no better than the solutions proposed to Commissioner Almunia. It seems even worse in some ways, says the group, which includes the British Foundem and French Twenga.
For the record, Joaquín Almunia is the predecessor of Margrethe Vests at the head of competition at the European Commission. The investigation lasted years under his responsibility, Google's competitors even accusing him of laxity for his search for an agreement without penalty for the US giant.

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