Google launches platform to teach machine learning and AI

Google launches platform to teach machine learning and AI


        For scientists as curious

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        03/03/18 at 10h13


                    As part of its educational ambitions, Google has just put online a new platform dedicated to machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is intended to provide various resources so that all interested parties can develop their skills in this area.

The platform in question is called Learn with Google AI ("learn with Google IA"). It is a hub that allows access to a glossary, explanatory videos, guides, code samples, practical exercises or courses. According to Google, all interested parties, whether they simply want to understand the basics of machine learning ("machine learning") or develop a tool with artificial intelligence, can find their happiness. Filters are also present in order to be able to sort between the main contents according to the level of development, the type of content sought and the profile of the user. The profiles offered range from the simple curious to the scientist, through the student or the decisionnaire.For those who really want to get their foot in the stirrup, Google stresses the availability – free – of a course of initiation to the machine learning. Originally developed for the firm's employees, it would have meanwhile been attended by some 18,000 people internally. This crash course is broken down into 25 separate lessons, forty exercises and must be spread out about 15 hours. The prerequisites for taking advantage of this are a good command of the basics of algebra ("you must be comfortable with variables and coefficients, linear equations, function graphs and histograms") and programming in Python language (reading and writing code).







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