Give color and style to your French cables (even in unicorns)

Atelier du câble

That, right, these are my cables … No mess! (Do not judge me, we have all experienced) And I have more than enough, suddenly, we sought a solution and so much to do, as much as it is French. All the chauvinists we are. We found the Cable Workshop. Admittedly, you can always go to the FNAC, but the cost will not be the same, nor the customization and especially they are not manufactured in Seine-et-Marne. You'll understand, theirs are on the right …
Two French people a little crazy (they say it themselves, otherwise we would not allow ourselves) have launched this e-commerce site their iPhone / iPad charging cables, HDMI, Samsung / Micro USB, USB-C and USB computer.
The peculiarity of this concept is twofold as explained by Flavien, one of the founders of this site:
"We manufacture ourselves the cables in France (in Seine and Marne to be precise) and the cables are all customizable: choice of the length, choice of the colors and printing of the catch with text, image or photo"

Give color and style to your cables (Mustache, Batman, guitar or unicorn, let yourself go). Choose your colors, it will not look like any other. Strong, durable and ultra-efficient, flexible and durable TPE sleeves, high performance, shielding thanks to coaxial technology and even gold-plated connectors

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