Ford will test its autonomous cars in Miami – Tech

Ford will test its autonomous cars in Miami - Tech

While self-driving tests found their Eldorado in California, Ford will move to the East Coast, Miami, to try his own.
        Ford wants to cross the United States to see if the Florida sun does not shine more than California. Thus, the manufacturer, who does not want to miss a single corner of future mobility, announced that it will conduct tests in Miami "to expand its developments on this type of vehicles." We are used to seeing cities on the west coast, but the American giant wants to experiment elsewhere to collect additional data, particularly in terms of interaction between the car and pedestrians. It is also a sign of growing democratization of technology.

Ford settles in Miami
However, unlike future tests that will be conducted in California, Ford will still have to install a human in his cars. "The equipped vehicles will circulate on the streets of Miami, accompanied by a permanent person to analyze their behavior and intervene if necessary" says the manufacturer who will drive his vehicles for a year in Miami Beach and in the center Miami, one of America's most congested cities in terms of traffic (far behind Los Angeles all the same). There will also be a partnership with Domino's Pizza to study an autonomous delivery service.
Sherif Marakby, Vice President of the Autonomous Cars and Electrification business, does not hesitate to draw a parallel with a top athlete, who must methodically train to succeed. "Today, I am more inspired than ever, because Ford is in a similar position vis-à-vis the development of autonomous cars," he says, saying that the lineage of arrival is close.




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