First trailer for Ralph 2.0, the sequel to Ralph's Worlds

At CES in early January, Oledcomm launched its crowdfunding campaign for its LiFi lamp. Organized on Indiegogo, she struggles to convince. Currently, there are only 11 contributors for just under $ 9,000 out of the 50,000 requested. The campaign ends in 8 days.
As a reminder, this technology is the counterpart of Wi-Fi, but exploiting light (read our analysis). The company is taking advantage of the MWC to announce support for Google Assistant to turn on or turn off its lamp with voice commands. The support of Alexa and Facebook is expected "in the coming months".
Another point was mentioned: that of security. Indeed, as we explained last month, the transmissions between the lamp and its receiver are not encrypted. At the MWC, we learn that this will be the case for a new product, MyLiFiPro, which will offer "an internet connection by ultra-secure light for professionals."
The press release does not give technical details, but makes it clear that this is the "first professional product that offers an internet connection with inviolable light and an unsurpassed level of security". How? "Thanks to a vertical IoT security platform integrating" VaulTIC "semiconductors (highly secure chip equipped with digital certificates) the complete one-stop-shop software tool with an easy-to-use interface and an easily integrable API device life cycles and their digital certificates ", nothing less.
No prize has been given for this device, which is not offered in the Indiegogo campaign either. As a reminder, the consumer version of the lamp is proposed for 840 dollars (699 euros).

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