Facebook's job search service will be available soon in France – Business

Facebook's job search service will be available soon in France - Business

Facebook will deploy "Jobs", its job search service, in 40 countries, including France. It allows applicants to apply directly from their profile.
        Facebook announced, on February 28, 2018, the deployment of its job search service in 40 new countries, including France. The service, launched in February 2017 in the United States and Canada, allows recruiters to post job offers, and candidates to respond directly from their Facebook profile.
Facebook has not given the exact date of deployment, but it should take place in the coming weeks.
Pre-filled applications from the profile
Candidates will be able to access the ads in their newsfeed, in the "Jobs" tab of a company page, or in the "Marketplace" section, as well as in a specific section to search by job type and job title. activity area. The application will be pre-filled from the candidate's professional history information available on his / her profile, and will be editable.
"Once you finish applying, a Messenger conversation with the company page will open, so you have direct contact with the employer and receive confirmation that your information has been received," says Facebook. . Employers will only have access to the information that has been sent to them, and to any element of the candidate's profile that is public.

Companies will be able to create ads directly on their page and manage applications and schedule interviews from Messenger. In addition, during the launch in the United States, Facebook had specified that, if the publication of job offers is free, companies can pay to promote their ads in newsfeeds.
One in four US users
Asked by AFP, Facebook vice president of local activities, Alex Himel, did not reveal the number of ads currently posted on Facebook. However, he said a study had shown that one in four users in the United States had used the social network to find a job. "Local businesses strengthen our communities and create more than 60% of new jobs. We want to help people find these jobs and local businesses to hire the right people, "says Facebook in a press release.
With 2.1 billion users and 70 million companies active on its platform worldwide, Facebook already has many assets to get into the job market. Especially since the social network is able to reach the less qualified candidates, and the restaurant or trade sectors, often forgotten by platforms like LinkedIn, where the proportion of executives is much higher.





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