Facebook renounces separating the news feed from the main thread

Facebook renounces separating the news feed from the main thread

                    Facebook continues to reduce the presence of news in the flow of publications offered to its members, but gives up proposing a separate stream for this type of content: the tests were not convincing.

Facebook has just announced an end to an experimentation program conducted on a small percentage of users in six countries, which consisted in proposing a double stream of publications separating "news" from the rest. Called "Explore", it compiled all publications from brands and media, leaving in the main news feed the only publications from friends and contacts of members.

This experiment was carried out following the will displayed by Mark Zuckerberg to "repair Facebook" in 2018 and give it back its original meaning, namely the sharing and exchange between users, erasing the firm side links and communication factory that can have his pages today. The boss of Facebook had announced that new algorithms would give priority to the content published by relatives, and this separation of flows was one of the tracks considered by Facebook to support this transformation. However, the company found, a few months after its implementation, that the results obtained were not those expected. Reason why she decided to end this program. "People do not want two separate streams (…) Our studies show that with this organization, people were less satisfied with what they saw on Facebook, and with two separate streams, they did not actually connect with their families and friends, "says Adam Mosseri, in charge of the" News Feed ". Let's say that since the end of 2017, Facebook has reduced about 20% of the number of news appearing in the publications feed of its users. For more than a year, the traffic generated by Facebook to the online media has continued to fall, but the abandonment of this idea of ​​separate flow will probably be welcomed as a victory by them. Indeed, in countries where the separate news feed was tested, this decline in traffic had accelerated by around 30%.

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