Facebook is campaigning to promote women in the video game


If there are many women gamers, the world of gaming is in majority a world of men. This is a situation that many market players want to change. Twitch recently launched for scholarship to encourage women to stream, participate in events and improve their equipment … Facebook is also involved.
The social network has launched a campaign called "Women in Gaming" ("Women in the Game") which wants to promote women already on the gaming scene. But it's not just about women playing video games. Those who work on their design, for example, regardless of their position, such as Kati Levoranta – CEO of Rovio, to whom we owe Angry Birds – are also targeted.
The campaign was announced by Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg: "Video games are one of the best examples of people connecting to a shared passion, and women have an important role to play. in this industry. "And remember that most are very strong women …
If you want to know more, go to the Facebook site.

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