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Last year, we mentioned a new mobile router launched by Netgear: the Nighthawk M1. Far from classic dominoes, this one announced many advanced features, Nighthawk range requires.
It includes a 4G modem Category 16 (Qualcomm MDM9x50) with a maximum downlink rate of 1 Gb / s, against 150 Mb / s upload via aggregation bands (aka 4G + in operators). It can support up to four frequency bands (4×4 MIMO).
It has two USB Type-C and Type-A ports (standard not specified), a Gigabit network port, a microSD card reader and two external 3G / 4G antenna connectors. It manages Wi-Fi 802.11ac and up to 20 devices simultaneously. It includes a 2.4 "LCD screen and a battery of 5040 mAh, all in a case of 105.5 x 105.5 x 20.35 mm and a weight of 240 grams.All technical features are found here .
As a return, it offers advanced features. According to Netgear, the product is aimed at customers who want a device that is both mobile and complete, with potentially very high throughput. A market that may still be quite limited.
In our previous exchanges with the brand on the subject, she told us to aim for an arrival in Europe and France in the course of 2017, discussions being held with operators. For the moment, nothing has been announced on this point. The Nighthawk M1 will nevertheless be offered by us later this month, at 329.99 euros.
It should be noted that no French operator currently offers 1 Gb / s in 4G +, despite Bouygues Télécom's experiments in this area. SFR nevertheless told us last year to target such a rate for 2019, before the arrival of 5G. Current offers are rather around 260 to 700 Mb / s depending on the case, in some cities.

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