Facebook announces new privacy settings to protect your personal data


Facebook has announced new privacy settings to help you better control your personal data. Determined to make amends and regain your trust, the world's most popular social network is about to roll out several new options on its mobile and desktop applications. Check out Facebook's new measures "to provide users with simplified and maximum control over their privacy settings."
In recent weeks, Facebook has been accused of spying calls and SMS Android users. A few days after these accusations, Facebook admitted the facts by stating that "users must express their agreement to activate this feature". Despite the arguments put forward by the company, three netizens very strongly against the spying of their calls and SMS have filed a complaint against Facebook. This group of users may well seek redress in court.
Facebook unveils 3 new tools to control your personal data
"We need to make our privacy settings easier to understand, find and use," says Facebook in a press release. The social network then details the 3 flagship measures it will implement to allow its 2 billion active users to control their personal data. "These updates have been planned for some time and the events of recent days only emphasize their importance," adds Facebook, referring to the Cambridge Analytica case, which has been passed over by the company since 2015. "There was a major breach of trust, and I'm really sorry it happened," Mark Zuckerberg apologized to CNN.
To enhance its image, Facebook has created a new menu for privacy-related settings. You will be able to access all your settings at a glance. This new interface will be deployed on the mobile application in the coming weeks. On smartphone, Facebook is also preparing new privacy shortcuts.
With these shortcuts, you can strengthen your account protection, control personal information available on the social network, and choose who can see your posts and profile information. "You decide what you share on Facebook," reassures the statement. These options are already available on the current interface but their presentation is much more difficult to access. "We've been told that the privacy settings are too hard to find," says Erin Egan, Facebook Privacy Officer.
Last but not least, Facebook will also simplify the way its users can access the information that Facebook is registering on their account. Thanks to the new "Access to your information" tab, you can easily delete "everything you do not want to appear on your newspaper or profile" anymore. To delete and download their data, such as "their publications, reactions, comments and previous searches", users will need to connect to a computer. What do you think of these new options? Are they sufficient? Are you planning to permanently delete your Facebook account following the scandals?

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