Denis Rapone, new president of Hadopi

According to our information Denis Rapone was elected today president of the college of Hadopi. The person who was acting after the departure of Christian Phéline will be at the first step of the institution for two and a half years. After the renewal of part of the college and the commission for the protection of rights, Denis Rapone was elected this day President of the Hadopi at a meeting Rue du Texel.
Following the end of the term of Christian Phéline, himself successor of Marie-Françoise Marais, he was in charge since 7 January 2018 of the interim of the presidency of the Hadopi. A procedure programmed by the article R331-12 of the Code of the intellectual property which entrusts this mission in priority to the member designated on the list of the Council of State.
Denis Rapone was appointed for six years at the college of Hadopi on July 1, 2014. This former member of the college of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic Communications and Post (2007 to 2013), who was also a lecturer at the IEP Paris, will only occupy his new position until 1 July 2020.
Two big folders on the fire
Its mission will be to accompany the Hadopi in the revision of the copyright directive where the fight against piracy, by automated methods, is the object of all desires. In France, the independent authority has already indicated that it will see trusted third parties similar agreements made between payment intermediaries, advertising agencies and collecting societies.
Another topic on the grill, the possible introduction of the fine imposed by the Hadopi, instead of the offense imposed by the police court. On this question, a study by two State Councilors considered this device as legally conceivable. However, the question of its technical or political expediency remains open.

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