Dell favors Intel processors over AMD

Dell favors Intel processors over AMD

                    The latest Ryzen processors from AMD have won over by their price and capabilities, but are still struggling to win at home. This is the case of Dell, which claims that AMD processors will remain a rarity in its ranges.

The Dell Inspiron 7775 with a Ryzen 7 processor

Dell today distributes some computers, like its all-in-one, with AMD (Ryzen) processors. Processors that have proven themselves and have signed the manufacturer's big comeback in this segment, after years running behind competitor Intel. But Dell PCs under AMD processors will remain an exception. At least that's what John Roese, the CTO (technology director) of the Texas company says.

It was during an interview with the IT Pro media at the MWC show in Barcelona that the CTO of Dell said it wanted to continue mainly with Intel, thus offering only a few PCs running with a Ryzen processor. For him, Intel dominates the market while AMD is the eternal second. If AMD-based PCs will still be available, Intel's offer remains the broadest and safest. John Roese says that the gap between the two manufacturers is huge and that AMD is still far behind Intel in the field of processors; hence his main reason for preferring Intel to AMD for Dell computers. Still, he concedes that there is plenty of room for both manufacturers on the market. However, Dell does not intend to make half and half in its ranges; at least, it's not planned for now.


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