Deep packet inspection in the 2019-2025 Military Programming Bill

The new military programming law will allow operators, but also ANSSI to deploy markers on their networks for cybersecurity purposes. Questions: what exactly are these markers, and how far does ANSSI go in cybersecurity? Elements of response with Guillaume Poupard, director of the agency.A provision of the future LPM, soon debated in Parliament, wants to allow operators to install devices able to identify, using technical markers, "events likely to affect the security of the information systems of their subscribers ".
Orange plans to use this provision to offer commercial offers tailored to the needs of certain business customers. Nevertheless, when attacks are "likely" to strike a public authority or a vital operator, the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) can itself proceed to these facilities, fed by its own "Markers".
During a small committee exchange in which we participated, Guillaume Poupard, number one of the ANSSI, brought us new elements on this mechanism being adopted. Already, it is confirmed that markers installed at operators, either voluntarily or at the request of ANSSI, will not be made public.
"Making them public reduces their effectiveness," says the agency's leader, who fears that the attackers will change their modus operandi very quickly. "I assume the fact that our business does not allow full transparency because it would bring many more disadvantages than benefits."
Between the Intelligence law and the LPM, a very different lexical field

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