Bookmarks: Twitter allows you to quietly save tweets for later reading – Tech

Bookmarks: Twitter allows you to quietly save tweets for later reading - Tech

Twitter launches bookmarks, which allow you to save tweets for later reading. This feature offers a certain degree of privacy, since social network users can not know if their tweets have been placed in the bookmarks of other users.
        A tweet challenges you but you do not have time to read it immediately? So far, to set aside a message for later reading, the most obvious method is to "love" it, that is, to click on the heart icon in the tweet to keep. Once done, the tweet is then listed in your profile, in the "Like" section.
Except that this system D poses two notable difficulties: on the one hand, this is not the primary function of this option. It is meant to simply tell the person who posted the tweet that you liked it. On the other hand, the information is public: it is possible to know who liked what, which is nice when you want to have some privacy, especially if it is a tweet delicate.

Twitter launches bookmarks
That's why Twitter introduces a new feature, bookmarks (which are called "bookmarks" in English). Its goal is obvious: it is to offer users of the social network a real system to set aside tweets, in all confidentiality (for users of the community site, anyway), to consult them later.
This feature, Twitter had been working for several months: it was already discussed in October 2017. Here, the bookmarks are usable with an icon symbolized by an elongated hook card with a vertical arrow pointing upwards that seems to come out. By clicking on it, a menu appears with two suggestions: sending by private message or adding to bookmarks.
Twitter announces the arrival of the feature on Twitter for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite and its mobile version
This icon is present under each tweet, indicates the social network. However, it seems that its deployment is not yet effective everywhere. According to our findings, we only saw it on the mobile version of the social network; it does not appear on the classic website yet, nor on the official application for Android. Third-party applications, such as Talon, do not seem to be up to date either.
Twitter, however, announces an availability on Twitter for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite and the mobile version of its site.
To view the bookmarks, you must click on his portrait (in any case, it is the method for the mobile version of Twitter) and select the line of bookmarks. You will then face the list of messages you have set aside. To remove a tweet bookmarks, just click on the icon described above and select the corresponding command. It is assumed that the way of proceeding is identical on the mobile applications, but it will be necessary to obtain the update to make sure of it.





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