Beyond the rumors, can we really wait for a season 3 of La Casa de Papel? – Pop culture

Beyond the rumors, can we really wait for a season 3 of La Casa de Papel? - Pop culture

As season 2 of the phenomenon series will arrive next April on Netflix, a rumor rumbles: a third batch of episodes would already be in the pipes. Except this is not true – and probably not justified.
        This is called a phenomenon. Released last year on the Spanish channel Antena 3 and distributed since December 25 by Netflix in the rest of the world, the fiction La Casa de Papel quickly became the serial revelation of the year 2018. So inevitably, fans are on the alert, and are feverishly awaiting the second and supposed last season of the program, scheduled for April 6 next on Netflix home – and already broadcast long time in Spain.
A translation error
But now, for a few days, a rumor rumbles: a season 3 would have been ordered by the channel Antena 3! The information, first relayed by the news site L'Internet, was quickly taken over by a constellation of media. Except that here, patatras, a few hours later, no more trace of this famous season 3 is visible on the site that announced the news with great fanfare.
After several modifications, the author of the article made his mea culpa, apparently victim of a translation error: "We had confused a quote of Antena3 evoking the last six episodes of the series (the season 2 therefore) with an announcement about a suite. This error, later relayed by other media on the internet, was corrected after verification. We apologize for this unfortunate false joy: there will be no season 3 at La Casa de Papel. "
The journalists of Télé Star, they did not hesitate to contact directly Netflix to have the net heart. "We have no information on a potential season 3 of La casa de papel" they would have promptly responded. If filming was actually commissioned by the channel Antena 3, it is very unlikely that the latter will share the information with the firm of Los Gatos, in charge of the good deployment of his baby abroad.

– Casa De Papel (@LaCasaDePapel) March 21, 2018

The vagaries of success
For all those who have slept in a cave in recent months, La Casa de Papel tells the perfect plan of a gang of robbers, in the process of breaking the deadlock of the century. The deal? To occupy for nearly a week the Royal House of the Spanish Mint by forcing the hostages on the spot to make new untraceable tickets for the authorities. Fiction requires, the project will not happen exactly without a hitch and will be upset by many adventures most often sentimental. If the recipe does not particularly shine its originality (it lends affinities with Ocean's Eleven or Reservoir Dogs), it has proven itself and heartedly condemns viewers to burst watching.
Nairobi in La Casa de Papel. © Antena 3 / NetflixSpin-off in sight?
But do we really need a third season? To say what ? To do what ? Without revealing anything about the outcome of the second season, most of the different narrative arcs reach a most satisfying conclusion. And, quite rare to be emphasized in the serial universe, La Casa de Papel is not one of those fictions to propose an open end or a terrible twist of theater to better frustrate its audience. Remains the possibility of declining the series in different spin-off centered on our favorite criminals, as evoked by Pedro Alonso aka Berlin in the series.

Nevertheless, we could be soon – and definitely – set for the Mania Series Festival, which will take place in Lille from April 27 to May 5, 2018. Indeed, the showrunner of the series, Álex Pina, will be part of honor and should not fail to unveil one or more possible consequences. Answer in the next episode.





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