Autonomous car: Arizona also allows experimentation without driver

The project gained notoriety after its promotion by John McAfee, the founding whip of the anti-virus editor of the same name. For what occasion ? Fundraising in cryptocurrency (ICO), now the eldorado for projects wanting to launch, on which the financial authorities call for a sound prudence.
For Hiveway, the opportunity is great, after ICO Telegram mail service, which raised 850 million dollars in the first round end of February. A record. Beyond the opportunism, Hiveway was pinned for the recovery of the code of Mastodon, the free and decentralized counterpart of Twitter.
Via a tweet (ironic, no?), Support from Mastodon complained of this copy, without mentioning the authorship of the code, nor maintaining the license AGPLv3. His analysis is joined by that of Aeris, system administrator at Cozy Cloud and contributor to the Exodus Privacy project.
On Medium, the artist Sean Tilley tackles the project, both on the clumsy "theft" code of Mastodon and Tusky, a client Mastodon for Android. He also looks at his white paper, which details the ambitions of the project; sometimes limited to a series of marketing points in the case of ICO.
Tilley recalls that Hiveway is not the first decentralized social network of its kind, that using automatic conflict resolution (Ethereum smart contracts) for the governance of such a network is not necessarily a good idea and that The use of algorithms to find accounts impersonating users can quickly show its limits even in the case of human intervention in deciding the fate of the dummy account.

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