Apple Watch goes skiing and snowboarding

Apple Watch goes skiing and snowboarding

                    Good news for winter sports enthusiasts: Apple has just opened the Apple Watch for skiing and snowboarding.

Skiers and snowboarders can now use their Apple Watch Series 3 to track their activity. That's what Apple announced this Wednesday. There were already activity tracking apps for skiing or snowboarding, but most were running exclusively on the iPhone, or their Apple Watch application was just for remote control. iPhone application. But with this announcement, Apple Watch applications become native and autonomous, so much more responsive, and interfere with applications Activity and Health Apple. Specifically, we can follow his activity without his iPhone, even if it is inadvisable, because the GPS of the latter is used if it is within range, to extend the autonomy of the connected watch.
Above all, activity monitoring is more accurate, the heart rate sensor helping to estimate more precisely the calories burned, and also more relevant, the applications can automatically interrupt the tracking during lifts. And the results now contribute in real time to the activity rings. The Ski Tracks, Slopes, Snocru, Snoww and Squaw apps have been updated. They measure:

the number of tracks descended
the weather
the distance
average and maximum speed
calories burned

It takes an Apple Watch Series 3, only integrating an altimeter, to enjoy all the statistics. Some are content with a Series 2, which incorporates its own GPS. In any case, you need to install watchOS 4.2, which provides support for custom activities.

From left to right: Slopes, Squaw, snoww


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